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Power One Pen Charger For Size 312 Accu Rechargeable Batteries

Power One Pen Charger

Small, elegant and the recipient of the 2006 iF design award: that's the internationally patented pencharger. It allows you to charge batteries of the type p 312. The charging current is supplied by two AAA batteries. These enable the charger to be operated independently of a power outlet.

The pencharger charges the battery in 5 hours. Partly charged cells are, initially, automatically drained prior to charging. This improves their service life and performance.

Type No. 64607
Charger for p 312 accu
Charging Time (h): 5 (at 5 mA)
Height (mm): 14.6
Length (mm): 138
Width (mm): 11.5
Weight (g): 36

Price: £51.00


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